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Destiny - Original Painting

Destiny - Original Painting

I have a traditional view in that women are called to be nurturing, independent, and supportive while a man is to protect, guide, and uplift. God makes a way where there once was none. The two are divinely orchestrated to meet one another. They see each other for the first time at a far off distance and know within the connection is far deeper than they have ever felt before. The light of God's presence is among them. They hear each other's voie for the first time and it only takes one look to know there is something very special about this moment. Man and woman are intertwined in what one may say a chosen path even prior to existence. There is beauty that surrounds them. God's destiny for their lives is far greater than they can comprehend. Through union the creation of life begins. 

This is an orignal painting 16" x 20" on canvas in Acrylic. Ready to ship.

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