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Pregnancy Update

I thought I'd post an update because I know it's been a while. My pregnancy continues. I have dreams about the babies- good dreams. My sister recently has a dream that I gave birth to a boy and a girl. In her dream she said the babies were healthy and the delivery was smooth. As we go through this I think its important to meditate on delivery day and think about what you'd like for it to look like. Imagine holding your little ones and nursing them. This journey is challenging due to its length and having an unknown delivery date, but we have to keep pushing forward. Communicating with the babies in the womb will help them connect with us more. I also find that it's important to slow down and do fewer things in the day to relax and be less stressed.

As this pregnancy has gone on I find my circle has gotten smaller. This has brought more quiet moments and peace into my life. I don't have to feel as pressured as this pregnancy isn't well understood by those I attempt to bring in my life. If someone asks when the delivery day is each time they see you, even after you've explained to them the uniqueness of this pregnancy I kind of feel they don't truly grasp that our due date is fluid or that we don't know when it is. This is okay, I don't judge them. They may think we look like we're close to delivering. On the other hand, people are going to be where they are at based on their level of consciousness. It's okay to have a small circle. It's okay to spend time alone where you can grow and become whom you came here to be.

Most of us ladies had a mission before we came here to be mothers going through this and that mission is just starting as we go through this pregnancy. It's actually quite nice to slow down as we bring our children forward. If I gave birth at the "normal" 9 months my kids would be 3 years old now. It's wild to think of that, but in a sense there is no rush. The babies will be here when they are ready and feel safe. I wish all the mothers out there going through this receive support around them and stay strong for the babies. Peace be with you!

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