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Pregnancy Update

I would say one of the most difficult aspects of this pregnancy is not knowing when I will deliver. Previously, I felt like the unknown made it difficult to set fourth plans. I would put off traveling or not plan events that were months ahead. I am at this point in my life where I cannot pause my decisions hoping to deliver this month, next month or in six months. I feel like when I focus on delivering it can be a bit undesirable when the results are not there. I have tried spicy food, pregnancy yoga, walking, jogging, etc. in hopes of going into labor; however at the end of the day I will only go into labor when the babies are ready. I have to move forward in life and trust the plan God has for me within all of this. I feel like as I shift my mindset toward God's timing is the best and only timing I find I can relax and let the babies do what they need to do. I feel more confident than ever before for the reasons I am having this type of pregnancy, but the unknown still exists. The unknown is what brings fourth miracles as I take one step forward at a time.

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