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My Cryptic Pregnancy 1/4/2022

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Cryptic pregnancy simply means "hidden." These babies are hidden from doctors, from pregnancy tests, and from most tools used to track a baby. I actually find this very good because then darker agendas can no longer have their hands on these babies. When I say darker genders I am referring to BIG PHARMA- doctors who are in it for the money. They schedule prenatal visits like its a business. They have us soon to be mommies serving them. We are called to be in our power - not give our power away.

There are a lot of miracles that have taken place in hidden ways. I would say these pregnancies are bundles of miracles. I conceived on January 9, 2020. Shortly thereafter I knew I was pregnant. I would feel pinching in my uterus and wake up in the middle of the night starving. I never thought I would have this type of pregnancy. I have taken care of children since my teenage years and being a mother is something that seemed very natural for me to be. Prior to this pregnancy I had not ever been pregnant. I did not seek to be pregnant - it just happened. I was super stoked in my first months of pregnancy because I knew I was going to be a momma. I knew this was different though because I wasn't producing HCG- the babies were not. I did not even tell my parents until I was like five months pregnant and they asked why I did not tell them sooner. I told them this is a different pregnancy and I think I may go beyond nine months. They were confused just as much as I was as I was finding information out about this rare pregnancy. This only happens in approximately 1 of 450 pregnancies. I would tell people at first that I am just having a high vibrational pregnancy. I had this term in mind even prior to finding out about this rare pregnancy. I have said too that the darker agendas at play have to fall away in order for me to give birth. I was saying that or feeling that a lot in 2021 as so much darkness was exposed.

I would say one of the biggest challenges I have had during this pregnancy are feelings of shame. As if I did something wrong to cause this sort of longer pregnancy. I have also felt shame because I lost contact with the babies daddy. I have also felt shame because I feel societal pressures to have a home prior to being pregnant. In college, I studied marriage therapy. I wanted to be a marriage therapist. I took graduate level courses in marriage counseling at Liberty University because that's what I wanted to be. I was then somewhat highly discouraged to be such because I was not married. I then just said I would help those who come to me and leave it at that. Shame though has really surfaced at various times because this isn't the picture of what I saw when I thought of being pregnant. I always dreamed of being married first and then having children. Even though that was a dream it only came through as a dream due to pressures of society saying a woman has to be married before being pregnant.

I no longer feel shame. Shame washed away at some point last year when I realized I am perfect just the way I am. This pregnancy is a part of my destiny and the way in which it occurred has been perfectly orchestrated by God. There is no shame in it. I am free to be who I am and who I am to become will not be kept low through shame. Shame has no place in my life.

Today, I just want to focus on my babies and ensure they are healthy. I saw a traditional midwife during the first weekend of December. She checked both of the babies heartbeats, the babies positions, answered questions, and did a cervical exam. Her first words were there is no more room for these babies to go (lol). During the cervical exam she said I was 30% effaced and going toward labor and delivery. She really lifted my spirit. Since then I have had contractions and days where I have several bowel movements. Bowel movements are very well known to occur prior to labor. I have been able to shift my mindset and I affirm I am getting closer to the finish line.

Anywho, that's it for now. Thank you for stopping by! Much love & peace.

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