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Continued Pregnancy

Some people may question my authenticity or honesty about this pregnancy, but it's been very real for me and it has lasted 3 years 4 months. I've had this pregnancy confirmed in various ways. I've had to approach this pregnancy from different avenues to obtain prenatal care. Holistic practicioners seem to be the most understanding of this. I have a great doola who will help me deliver when that day comes.

I am here posting right now because I realized it's been quite sometime since I last posted. I don't post much on social media about this because I don't feel this experience is accepted by very many people. It nearly shocks most people once I tell them of this. Surprisingly though I've met more people in person that accept this. They visibly see that I'm pregnant, congratulate me, and support me.

It can be challenging to go throughout each day and not know when I will deliver, but my hope is that this year is the year. More and more things are coming into alignment that shall spur on delivery day. I'm also having more consistent symptoms that I'm getting closer to the finish line.

I say to the babies, "waiting for you is the hardest and the most beautiful thing that I've ever done."

Peace be with you. Thank you for reading.

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